Nashville Star

Combustion Ent

For those of you who wonder why you saw Greg on a CMT special this past Spring titled "On The Road To Nashville Star", Yes it is true, Greg was asked to be a part of the "Nashville Star" process! He made it to the final auditions at the Famous "Wildhorse Saloon" in Nashville, where he performed to a sold out crowd, and after his performance, was immediately approached by Producer; Chris Farren, (Paul Brandt, Jeffery Steele, Deanna Carter, Aaron Lines) to come and work with him and the Gang at "Combustion Ent."
The next morning Greg was in Combustion offices learning about the new Deal "Farren", and "Combustion" were proposing to Kick Start the "Greg Hanna" Train!!!! After Greg returned home from his initial meetings at Combustion, "Nashville Star" called and offered him a spot on the T.V. Show! Contractual conflicts only allowed Greg to choose one of the two offers, and Greg opted out of the Nashville Star show to work with Chris Farren and the Gang at Combustion Ent!!!